You Can Influence as Little as 2,000 People

If it is too much to change the world, then let the change begin from your immediate environment. We daily cry out to our leaders and government forgetting we are also leaders and the government. After all, it is said the government of the people for the people and ‘by the people’.


If you can not change the world, then commence the change from your immediate environment. Start doing something differently and positively. Make the difference wherever you find yourself whether you are recognised, appreciated or not. If you can not change your environment then change lives. Wherever you are, where ever you may find yourself and in whatever you are doing, make an impact. In the long run, from changing lives, you would be positively impacting and changing your environment which in the long haul, have a great impact on the world at large.


Nothing has yet been devised that has the impact of a face-to-face encounter

Sociological facts state that every human being has an influence on as much as two thousand people at least. Imagine if the 2,000 people you impact go on to impact 2,000 people each who go on to impact more 2,000 each. Then, that is an unbeatable change network and web information. Technology may have been overrated but if you ask me, nothing has yet been devised that has the impact of a face-to-face encounter.

So, you can choose to put in place a change network. As you go about this, be mindful of what you find yourself talking about if you are to achieve the desired positive change result. What you talk about the most oftentimes is considered to be the most important things to you. Same also goes with what you spend most of your time doing or whom you spend most of your time with. Remember, this is a contributor to a greater percentage of who you are.


When You Listen, You Acquire Wisdom

Also, know that when you listen, you acquire wisdom. Too many talks result in repentance. A man is all he is by virtue of his experiences. He is like a manufactured product desired by all at the end of the production process not knowing all it has had to pass through during production. Be guided by the following as you daily live:


  • If you want perfect conditions, you will never get anything done;
  • Those who bring happiness to others are laying a foundation of future happiness;
  • We are free to choose our actions but not the consequences of those actions;
  • Ever made a mistake? Acknowledge, correct, learn from it and move on;
  • No two people are alike. Only fools compare self with others;
  • The difference between average and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure. If you have failed in the past, it does not make you a failure. The bests today have had one time experienced failure;
  • Do not settle for sounding good. Work towards doing good;
  • Those who do wickedly, do not triumph definitely;
  • One habit of effective people is realising they cannot accomplish so much alone.


Find The Right People With Whom To Journey Through Life

At some point in life, we need the support and help of people. Life is a journey with ups, downs, twists, turns, dangers, disasters as well as success and victory. Certain of life’s consequences are partly as a result of the company we keep. Do not let this fact deter you and make you want to go through life’s journey alone, rather, find the right people.