The Principle of Problem Solving

Have you ever encountered a problem that seems greater than you and greater than life?
You feel lost, utterly helpless, you don’t know what to do?
The problem seems weighty and insurmountable and there seems to be no way out.
Here is what I do?
I have come to see every chaotic or problematic situation as a wall made of glass.
So, what happens when you keep throwing stones at a glass?
Again, how fast the glass shatters, is dependent on the size of the stones thrown at it, right?
If you throw pebbles, of course, the glass will crack and keep cracking until it’s all smashed.
But if you throw a rock at it, there’s every tendency the glass will come crashing down, right?
Arguably, the size of the stone determines the level of crack or the ‘one-time’ crumbling of the glass.
Plus, how potent your throws are.

Here, then, is the conclusion of my narrative: The size of the ‘stone in hand’ notwithstanding,

Keep throwing stones at the glass barrier (problems) and it will eventually come crashing down. More like a reminder of the aphorism: nothing ventured, nothing gained. Driven by this reasoning, we are encouraged to never give up and never stop trying. Each time we try, we get closer to the desired goal. Each throw at the glass is an experiment until we attain the appropriate measure and weight for reaching the object. Therefore, it is important that we consider and apply the appropriate stone for crashing the glass.