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The ‘Inferior Sex Status’ Inheritance

Inequality of whatever variant will always remain a greater threat to and a negation of the values of justice in society. As identified by Aristotle, inequality is the chief cause of revolution and inequality being a form of injustice is… Continue Reading →

Putting an End to Inequality

Is it possible for a man to say he exists for himself alone without having to exist for all? No day passes without a global outcry on social and traditional media against the injustice of inequality – an issue that… Continue Reading →


A popular definition for the T.E.A.M acronym is: together everyone achieves more. This piece attempts a point by point break down of T. E. A. M and its expected attributes. A T. E. A. M is a group or committee… Continue Reading →


You can make setbacks one of the best things that ever happened to you. Let your fallbacks and experienced circumstances influence you rather than discourage or hold you back/down or stagnant.   Learn, develop, re-strategise, re-think as well as develop… Continue Reading →


“Closing his eyes, he did what he hadn’t done since he was a boy; he prayed …Prayed for some miracle”.   Recent happenings in our world, further give proof to the conclusion that there is a superior power that rules… Continue Reading →

Nigerian Economic Stimulus Package: A Faltering Attempt (Part 2)

Life Testimonial ‘The street next to ours got 1 derica of rice and 1 derica of beans for the whole street of about 20 houses. There are 10 adults in our own house alone. Help do the maths. How many… Continue Reading →

Nigerian Economic Stimulus Package: A Faltering Attempt (Part 1)

With the increasing number of COVID-19 infected persons, the stay home initiative was put in place as part of the COVID-19 behavioural protocol for curtailing the spread of the virus. But, do people stay home in lack and hunger? This… Continue Reading →

Be Encouraged

Without Pain How would We Know Joy   Your Testimony is Relative to Your Tests   It is Your Choice What You make of Your Heart: A Home or Hell   Happiness is a Personal Choice   Do not Wait… Continue Reading →

When All Else Fails

The egalitarian enemy antagonising everyone unrelentingly regardless of whom you are or maybe.  In earlier write-ups: Are Humans Self-Made; The Big Man Upstairs and The Answer for the World, I looked into the continuous emergence of seemingly unending world problems… Continue Reading →

Technology: A Double-Edged Sword

Here is one of my so many imaginations gone wild, again. With my virtual glasses on I make another attempt at seeing into the future. I try to imagine a world totally dominated and controlled by technology. Not just technology… Continue Reading →

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