‘Divas and Divos’ and the early Death Syndrome (Part 2)

So, here I come. I have always had to wonder. Why? What is happening?


Before you know it, they come into prominence, they are in the front-line and then when you least expect, it all goes ‘boom’ like an explosion and they are no more. Have we ever thought to wonder why? I once heard of the story of Johnson Robert, the King of Delta Blues (a recognition that came to him after his death) of whom it was said considered himself cursed because he made a deal with the devil. Seeing he was not making it in the music industry and wanting so badly to be ‘it’ went to the cross-roads one midnight and let the devil tune his guitar. He sold his soul to the devil in exchange for musical genius. He is quoted to have said he did not know the devil had tricked him and that making a deal with the devil ‘costs you everything you have’. He confessed he was hunted by death and heartbreak followed him everywhere he went.  Johnson eventually passed away at the young age of 27. Can the devil give anything good and not add sorrow? It could be a myth, it could be a legend but I cannot help but wonder at what people would do or to what extent they would go to be famous or labelled geniuses.


In my thinking, would I be right to say the devil kind of controls music? After all, before his fall, Lucifer was the chief custodian of music and so he feels an entitlement to have the sole patent right and if you must prosper in his ‘thing’, you must pay homage to or make reference to him one way or the other. There is a price to be paid even as such lives are characterised with short and premature death.  They are made celebrities but they do not live long. Or why is at the peak of it all, at the top of their fame and accomplishment, their life is suddenly cut short in death or engulfed in a habit, afflicted with terrible ailments which considering how rich they are one would have thought they could afford the best health care of this world but no, their riches at this point fail them. The story of MJ is a case in point (https://willingpen.altervista.org/are-humans-really-self-made/). Despite all He did and measures he took to live till a hundred and fifty years, his dream was aborted on the 25th of June 2009 when he died at the age of 50.


Why? I ask again.

Could it be due to the fact that some dined or had one time dined with the devil and he who dines with the devil must be ready to eat with a long spoon? Or considering how popular they have become and should they one day have an encounter with the saving grace and make a public declaration of their belief, quite a number of their followers would be positively influenced considering their celebrity status. So, in a bid to prevent this, their lives are snatched in sudden and premature death. Or having become used to the life and vices that come from the celebrity lifestyle at some point, they could one day remember ‘from where they came’, the faith they once professed and their life is cut short to prevent such turn-around. Or their lives are cut short so they do not submit to the will of ‘The Higher Power’.


Again, this is me penning my thoughts. I could not help but think and write or if you wish write what I am thinking.