Define Your ‘Me’

I am Me. Every man has got a ‘Me’ with dreams, aspirations, desires and wants.

Man craves comfort, pleasant livelihood, prestige, accomplishment, fulfilment, wealth and recognition amongst many other things. The world has given certain and particular standards and definitions to being successful to which you may never meet up with. Do not ever think you aint nobody because you do not measure up to the world’s definition or standard.

So, What Can You Do?

Discover and develop ‘Me’. ‘Me’ loves being happy, a blissful environment, and conditions free of upheavals then go for them. ‘Me’ hates disputes, quarrels and unsettling situations, then, there are several conflict resolution techniques ‘Me’ can adopt. Just be your ‘Me’ and not someone else’s.

A strongman and character are developed out of challenges. Experience breeds knowledge and wisdom. So, ‘Me’ could do great passing through life’s varying drama. ‘Me’ loves to see people happy. ‘Me’ loves to help people accomplish their dreams. Then, go right ahead and be ‘Me’. After all, we are not all the same or equal. What is good for the goose may not be good for the gander. Just be happy as ‘Me’.

‘Me’ loves to make a lasting positive impact on the life of people. If ‘Me’ can, ‘Me’ would carry people’s burdens off them and put a smile on downcast faces. If that is who your ‘Me’ wants to be then let him or her be ‘Me’.  ‘Me’ loves to make living bearable for people. ‘Me’ looks for every opportunity to have a one-on-one talk, share ideas and possibly help mould a life. ‘Me’ loves to be a light carrier and illumination for those living in darkness; a conduit through which peace and love flow.

Ultimately, ‘Me’ aims for a life worthy of emulation – A life radiating humour, peace, comfort, integrity and dignity.

Go out there and be your ‘Me’. Be an encourager, learn new things, be a problem solver, take up new tasks, discover your love for languages if you have, get involved in service to humanity and keep generating or developing new ideas. You will only always be second best to another. So, discover ‘Me’ and just be ’Me’.