Is He Small, The One in Whom You Believe?

While growing up, I remember asking Mama so many questions. On this day, I wanted to know, “Who created God?” Don’t ever ask such question she says. There is more than enough evidence around you to prove His Sovereignty but why such thoughts, she asked. I responded:

This God is surely exceptional. After all, I have seen carved images – blind, deaf and dumb, no motions except transported or carried by human hands. They are by far not comparable. I sleep at night practically a dead man and by morning, I come alive again which to my fickle human mind it feels like I am able to come awake whenever I feel like. Most definitely, a Greater Power is in charge.

The stars are hidden in their orbit yet shine in all of their splendour to be seen by the whole world. In varying sizes they dominate the sky giving their light in the dark. The moon, oh! So beautiful, centrally and majestically seated in the sky to be beheld by all eyes all over the world in marvel. Children eagerly await its coming out at night particularly in rural Africa for it is time for the tales by moonlight.

Imagine the seas and oceans all strategically placed on earth and not devoid of treasures. No seen or known pillars hold the heavens from the earth and vice versa but it has not one day collapsed. A far contrast from physical houses built with the best of building materials but then one day, it all comes crashing down. Take a second thought and then tell me that He in whom I believe is small.

The trees whisper His greatness in their varying sizes, shapes and species. The animals, some crawling, some on fours, some flying, some swimming, some jumping, some limping and some others on two all point to His existence. The birds in beautiful colours and sonorous voices sing a sweet melody in acknowledgement.

I can go on and on but I have come to my conclusion:

The One in Whom I believe is not small. The One with the heavens as His throne and the earth His footstool. The Only one who is Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent. The One who exalts His word above His name; Who holds the sea and oceans in His hands? Who can measure the heavens with his fingers? Who knows the weight of the earth or the mountains? Kill all the animals and they are not offerings enough worthy of Him. The forests contain not enough fuel to burn up the sacrifices unto Him. The One who calls each star by name and counts them to ensure not even one is lost or strays away.

Why would you then say where was He in my time of trials, troubles, difficulties and turbulence? I doubt if He ever sees my worries and hears my cries or lamentations. He is The One who gives power to the tired and worn out and offers strength to the weak. Irrespective of how or what you feel, He is God and will be God now, today and forevermore.

He is The Never Ending Story.


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