Disrupting the ‘Divine Order of Operations’

To thrive as well as ensure her continuity, society strives not to upset the social order.  Likewise, humans refer to product manuals or handbooks for instruction and direction to guide against product misuse. The earth, evidenced in her intricate designs, points in the direction of a Divine Manufacturer and like any other manufactured product, it could therefore be said, that, there is an accompanying manual with ‘the product earth’ howbeit spiritual but physically evidenced in the Holy Writing.

 Why our world is the way it is

Could it be as a result of man’s disruption of the divine order of operations prescribed in the guiding manual of product earth?  The world is created after a natural order and once that order is disrupted or altered, the world revolts. Going by divine order, when the land is continuously defiled and polluted through the activities of man in making it unclean through carrying out detestable or perverse acts, the land revolts. 

Earth: The only product the manufacturer accompanies the product

Product buyers meticulously follow the product instructions to the latter for best performance.  Why not similarly approach ‘product earth’ in like manner, meticulously following her divine order of operation. A product having an advantageous edge from the availability of a manual and the presence of the ever-present Manufacturer. Earth’s Manufacturer is patient, long-suffering and enduring in love, wishing not for any parts of His product to perish. So, wonder no more and question why when He says He is all-powerful, He is never slow to act. That human may learn, ‘The Supreme Being’, allows certain events and occurrences to teach the world great lessons that man may learn and desist from an unreflecting repetition of such acts. 


Adam and Eve – A major factor respecting the plight of women is the curse placed upon her. As a result of being under the curse, the woman lost her ability to function in her 100% capacity. Going down the biblical memory lane, at fall, God placed a curse on women, the curse of slavery to husband and men in general. From the biblical narrative, male domination is a resultant consequence of the fall which has today extended from Eve to all women. 

Impact of the Fall (Consequences) On WomenOn Men
Physical         Increased pain in childbirth arising from an acceleration of the menstrual cycleStruggle to accomplish any achievement arising from the curse on the earth
PsychologicalThe urge of the woman now directed towards the man hence the urge and desire to please the manUrge and desire to dominate
SocialWomen’s roles are distorted, opportunities now limitedMale dominance institutionalized, women subjugated
SpiritualWomen lose sight of whom they have been created to be; men hold women down in distorted dominion and defraud the society of the gifts individual women might bring to enrich allMen’s focus now on personal achievement with the urge to dominate

Source: Sue and Larry Richards, 1999         

Sarah and Abraham   The world today groans under the burden of ISIS and its no less destructive siblings. For whatever reason – impatience, unbelief – Sarah encouraged Abraham to go into her maidservant who gave birth to Ishmael, the father of the Arab nations: ‘this son of yours will be a wild man, as untamed as a wild donkey! He will raise his fist against everyone, and everyone will be against him. Yes, he will live in open hostility against all his relatives. … He will be the father of twelve rulers, and I will make him into a great nation.’

In essence, it is futile for humans to attempt to implement God’s promises for Him. Till thy kingdom come, the world will live in open hostility against their Arab relatives whose fists will remain raised against everyone.

So, Which Manufacturer Are You Patronising?

The question therefore is: is man learning even as we daily sink deeper into perversion further destroying the earth? Today’s global warming and outcry over the earth’s near extinction arises mostly from the works of man’s hands and activities – gas emissions, oil drilling, fossil fuels burning, deforestation, man-made wastes. While technological changes have the potential to re-organise the society and have been very beneficial, it does not solve fundamental issues such as how to have a peaceful and just society but, rather, it has given rise to new problems in pollution, global warming and the likes.

Also, bringing in or adding components, parts and objects that are foreign to the product, disrupts its proper functioning. Every product has got its ‘culture on how to use’ which users must abide by for the best performance. A similar application goes with product earth. If for whatever reason manufacturers make a change or new adaptations, it is for the general improvement and positive upgrade of the product but never changes to its detriment otherwise the product loses face and they are run out of the market by competitors. There are two major competitive forces for product earth: one works towards its ruination and therefore daily introduces foreign parts and objects towards achieving its goal while the other strives for product earth to attain her maximum potential but not at the expense of self-destruct. So, which manufacturer do you patronise?

Science Explains-Not all Things

Quoting a castaway in Desert Island (a UK Radio Program), Richard Dawkins, a biologist, asserts: ‘There are profound mysteries of life which it is science’s business to struggle to understand and it may well be that there are some that we shall never understand, but that should be regarded as a challenge’.  While Science, it is said, best describes and demonstrates but cannot explain all experiences. Who then can explain all experiences? Who is it that can help us understand the challenging mystery of the world?

It would be assumed that when grey areas are reached while reading through the manual on the use of the product, there is every likelihood to want to look-up the manufacturer and ask questions for better understanding and use of the product. Why not do the same for product earth?

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