“Closing his eyes, he did what he hadn’t done since he was a boy; he prayed …Prayed for some miracle”.

Recent happenings in our world, further give proof to the conclusion that there is a superior power that rules in the affairs of men. The One whom I reference is far greater. Everyone living, at one point or the other in our lives, has had to recognise the GREAT POWER and BIG MAN UPSTAIRS. The One who allows the world’s intelligent minds to become clueless and confused about what to do in dire circumstances – ‘The OGA at the top’ – this is in no way referencing the popular Nija slogan.

So, does any of the following exclamation, narrative or statement ring a bell?

“OMG …an accident…I cannot lose him/her. I can do anything… I will even pray to the big man upstairs. I will promise to make some serious lifestyle changes in exchange for the situation to change …I then close my eyes under a silent prayer”

“I haven’t done this in awhile. I lost faith but here I am, helpless. SO, I did the one thing I did not think I could do, I lifted my head to the heavens and …prayed.”

“I close my eyes and for the first time since I left home over a decade ago, I pray…”

“I lift my head to the sky and with tears streaming down my eyes … I prayed”

“This time, I just had to be strong. I started praying to God. I prayed for safe delivery, ‘God please do not take either from me …”

“I found my way to the hospital chapel and pleaded with God to please take care of my mother.”

Or is it the outcry after an unjust sentence:

Finding myself in this prison despite being innocent, I was not sure what else to do but I looked up to the heavens: If there is a God out there if You are Whom they say You are, You will fight for me …”

What about when facing complicated health and medical situation?

“My father was gone. With him went my certainty that all would be well. I lowered myself into the nearest chair and did something I hadn’t done since the war.  I began to pray”.

“So here I am telling a friend about how ill my father has been. Also sharing my fears and concerns. Her surprising response was: “I’ll say a prayer for him.” I pointed at the sky. “I’m in tight with the man upstairs.

“When I saw no other alternative.  Having not prayed in nearly a decade, I prayed”.

Recently, with the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a lot of prayers and praying going-on even from unexpected quarters. So, what is that situation or difficult circumstance that is beyond you? If your subconscious recognizes “The Existing Greater Power” when you least expect and it tilts its head towards the sky or even in the heart, communicates – saying a word or words or prayer – why not try praying?

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