Be Encouraged

Without Pain How would We Know Joy


Your Testimony is Relative to Your Tests


It is Your Choice What You make of Your Heart: A Home or Hell


Happiness is a Personal Choice


Do not Wait or Just Watch Life Pass by You. Be an Active Participant


Losing Something Good could Gain You Something Much More Better


Do Not Waste Your Miracle Time Reminiscing on Your Painful or Past Experiences. The Past Will Always be Part of Who We are and It is only The Power We give it That Determines What Hold it Has Over Us. Just replace one Memory with Another and Move Forward


Let Go of Past Pains, Anger, Hurts and Loss so You Can Move Forward


Often Times, Things Tend to Get Worse Before They Get Better


To Every Great Story, There is a Test


Life Will Always Test Your Resolve. If You Must Move Forward, You Will Be Tested. It Is in Our Response We Discover Who We Really Are


Life is Mysterious – You Don’t Always Get What You Want. So, Live Each Day Being Your Best. Not All the Answers You need You will Find


You Do Not Get to Choose if You Get Hurt in This World or Not But May Be You Do Have a Say in Whom You Let Hurt You


Live Your Life in Service of a Greater Good through leading an extra-ordinary Life.


Worry Is Useless; Do Not Worry


There Are So Many Paths Life Can Take You to. For Most, Where You End Up is Not Where You Expected to be or Where You Imagined Life Would Turn Out.


Distance Means Nothing When There is a Motive


The Best Seats on God’s Table are not always occupied by the “Best” Persons; A lot were actually Reluctant at the Beginning


Nothing is Over Until You Quit


Sometimes, Change is Necessary to Move Forward or Find the Desired Balance


The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways. To the Human Mind, He may not seem there when You want Him but He’s always Right on Time


You cannot Pick Your Home Any more than You can Choose Your Family


So, Lift Someone Up with You


What is Over with is Over with. The question is, what are You going to do Next?