Promiscuity and Well-Being (Part 2)

“They’re related somewhat: Of course, there is the possibility of life STDs, the possibility of physical dangers, the possibility of unwanted babies and abortions, high probability of acquiring harmful habits and physical depreciation of body assets.

... most sick people today, it is as a result of being promiscuous early in life. Though we still have some who inherited ailments from their family line. I mean some are genetic due to a curse or sin in the family. God has taught me that the only person that will be free from ailments and live healthy and long is if you are a man and you do not have sex till after fifty years. “

“Promiscuity does not in any way give a long life; it even shortens the life of the promiscuous.”

“Someone living a promiscuous life should know the implications of that. It is living in immorality. It will cut your life short. It will attract all manner of sicknesses – STDs. You are wasted. You will struggle with life – such a one cannot keep a home neither will he be able to manage his finances. For women, I think some cases of bareness can be traced to the promiscuous life earlier lived. Without being told, such a person cannot live a fulfilling life. There are so many ills to be suffered from such a lifestyle. Taking it to the spiritual aspects, such person will die very young or at his old age will suffer from a lot of diseases”

“There is none to the best of my knowledge because there is a thing as “safe sex” which refers to keeping a mate one at a time; and if one is married, sticking to your spouse. But promiscuity to the best of my knowledge, if nothing else, is one of the things that lead to an early death. I have read of people (men and women, but especially men) who died from heart attacks arising from too much “sex”. In the Nigerian/African context, although this concerns mostly women, commercial sex workers who come readily to mind are victims of all kinds of life-threatening dangers namely, rituals, violence, rapes etc. A promiscuous person is also very-very prone to venereal diseases which reduces life span, and in some cases lead to death. AIDS readily comes to mind and how it spreads a lot through illicit immoral lifestyle, condoms and other preventive measures notwithstanding. Religiously, most religions condemn promiscuity. I once heard a preacher say that it takes a man about 10days for his body to replenish semen lost after meeting a woman. So, if in a month he meets, for instance 3 women, he is practically just a walking corpse. It is also a satanic weapon to easily destroy men – steal their wealth, health and inject into them all manner of ailments that will eventually take their lives. For a one who is promiscuous, male or female, such a one can never live to his/her God-ordained age in full. In essence, the only relationship I see is this: promiscuity is equal to ill-health and shorter life span.”

A promiscuous lifestyle is lived by someone who keeps more than one sex partner. It is even risky to the health of that man because he is exposed to so many STDs, he is nowhere near a healthy life but some men have the belief that keeping such lifestyle keeps them healthy. I don’t need to explain much. Well, healthy/long life comes from God and I am not sure God will grant someone who is living a promiscuous lifestyle, long life.”

Concluding Talks:

While many think that it is okay, others think it is not.  According to a discussant, promiscuity in the life of both men and women vary according to their age bracket. Also, its negative effects cannot be overemphasized. Inadequate home training, wrong exposures are contributory factors to promiscuity. Most women/men in the quest for fun tilt towards experimenting at any slightest opportunity available. Studies have proven that cases such as maternal death and complications, even cancer are often associated with the act of promiscuity. We should also not forget that promiscuity leads to one being exposed to sexually transmitted disease and none of these diseases can be discovered by mere looking at the infected person.

Besides, issues that have to do with mood swings and personality disorders, studies have shown, are associated with promiscuity. In most cases, the victims go in search of relief, joy or happiness but end up being more promiscuous. Hence, promiscuity is never a solution to seeking happiness.  A link study has also shown, exists between smoking, drug addiction, alcohol and promiscuity which in most cases leads to emotional and mental disruptions, anxiety, depression and in some cases permanent illness. Among the teens, there is the issue of unwanted pregnancy which could lead to labour complications, loss of educational opportunities as the teenager will be out of school depending on the environment or the social/ethnic background.

Conclusively, morality tends to erode as society advances. Hopefully not to the point where the state no longer protects faith or morality.