Is it possible for a man to say he exists for himself alone without having to exist for all?

No day passes without a global outcry on social and traditional media against the injustice of inequality – an issue that remains one of the world’s greatest problems and challenges. Deliberations are daily on-going in polity and governance, by Women Right Movements/Organisations, feminists formations as well as corporate and organised bodies on how to successfully move institutions and systems away from all forms of injustices, inequality and a in-equitous economy to a state where all are dealt with fairly, equally and possibly a utopian state where there is no majority or minority.

Borrowing a leaf from Martin Luther King: “I have a dream of a world that allows for equal participation and representation for all regardless of gender, strength, size, tongue or race”.

Overcoming  Inequality Through The Culture of Money Supply In Place Within A Society

The culture of money supply in place in any and every society is based on God or Mammon. Why do I say so?

Writers, Bloggers and Articles researching the secret of Jewish success described Jews as people with superior intelligence, a miraculous nation, most intelligent and wealthy nation in the world.  Their findings revealed the Jews had a unique cultural code, distinguishing strategies, ideas for business and money-making. The Jews, it is said, have the oldest financial system in history that has survived the test of time. He Xiongfei in his book, Spirit of Jewish Culture: What’s behind Jewish Cleverness, described the Jews as ‘the most intelligent, mysterious and wealthiest people in the world, equal to none”. When Jews sneeze at home all the banks in the world would catch cold one by one.

Though I have long since studied the Jewish culture, I always have a feeling that I am a spectator rather than a practitioner. Through my study, I know the progenitor of Jewish culture is God. If you do not believe in Him, all of the studies are in vain, so I think it is imperative to accept God if I want to study the Jewish culture, otherwise, I will remain a spectator for good.”  (culled from my earlier write-up: The Answer for the World)

Accordingly, the Jews have continuously succeeded especially in business and education due to their ‘Jewishness’ which is embodied in their strict adherence to the 613 doctrines – doctrines which are God-given and have driven their very existence.

Importantly, Achieve Market Equity

Suffice to say then that, achieving Market Equity can best be accomplished by putting in place a culture of money that is grounded on commodity standard that is interest-free or zero interest rate. A culture that strengthens and preserves the moral fabric and unity of the society thereby resulting in unity and peace compared with a culture of money grounded on a debt-standard, and interest-based format that will only rend the moral fabric and unity of the society thereby leading to anomie ( of Mammon).

Aim For Gender Equity

Having laid the foundation under the above-stated circumstances, an attempt could be made at resolving a variant of inequality that ails our society: Gender Inequality.

“When women succeed, the world succeeds. If women succeed, society as a whole will succeed”

The society having more firsts for women and encouraging them to take up greater challenges could be a step taken in the right direction. As posited by Verloo (2005), let the women and men have equal conditions for realising their full human rights, enjoying same resources, opportunities to contribute to, and benefit from economic, social, cultural and political development as well as career-wise.

Why? Here is What I Discovered

Jacinda Arden, New Zealand’s Prime Minister’s extraordinary leadership during and after the Christ Church shootings, has been linked to the fact that she is a woman. ( I quote: “Arden’s extraordinary display of empathy in the wake of Christchurch has been linked to the fact that she’s a woman. “Jacinda Arden just proved typically ‘feminine’ behaviour is powerful,”…   

In a similar vein, I read an article on the New Yorker website (May 15th 2020): Why Are Women-Led Nations Doing Better with Covid-19?  The article did hint at women leadership style holding great promise for the globe.  An exceptional situation we may call this, true, but the highlight remains that women have the capabilities that can enhance choice making and bring different perspectives to solving socio-economic problems and for the women folk, these capabilities and potentials have generally remained untapped.

Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo’s recently resigned boss has been credited with turning PepsiCo from just a carbonated drink seller to a health foods company, growing its revenue by more than 80% and PepsiCo’s being the second-largest food and Beverage Company globally, is credited to her success (Nair, 2018).  In varying forms it is a fact that the socio-economic contribution of women to the world’s economy cannot be overemphasized, one would have, therefore, assumed that a country such as Nigeria, would seek to harness the myriad of socio-economic potential the female gender has to offer to boost its economy.




2002, Globalisation at the Crossroads: Capitalism or Communism?

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