A popular definition for the T.E.A.M acronym is: together everyone achieves more. This piece attempts a point by point break down of T. E. A. M and its expected attributes. A T. E. A. M is a group or committee of people in which:  Team members or a member,


  1. Does not insist on having his or her on ways/methods or having the final say rather, it should be ‘our project’ not ‘my project’. Have project objectives, project plan(s) and then execute the project. Always brief T.E.A.M members at the start of every project and debrief yourselves at the end.


  1. Focus on working and executing missions, assignments and projects together. Have singularity of purpose while taking joint responsibilities for all occurrences.


  1. Derive strength and diversification of ideas in your differences while not getting obsessed with them


  1. Not consumed by personal expectations – not allowing your expectations, goals or desire overshadow that of the T.E.A.M.


  1. Exude 100% trust in one another. Without trust. T.E.A.M can never work and it has a ‘Limited Survival Plan’.


  1. Not backbiting, backstabing, gossiping neither T.E.A.M or T.E.A.M members. Not to one another or even amongst selves. Not undermining one another.


  1. Talk out your differences amongst yourselves. Do not betray T.E.A.M nor throw selves under the bus.


  1. Not competing with ‘selves’ on who has the better or best ideas or who did or does the most work. Any competition at all should be positive towards T.E.A.M growth, progress and advancement.


  1. Thou shalt not be selfish


  1. Compromise exuding the right attitude when the need arises.


  1. Get involved in team-building exercises from time to time.


  1. Downplay your ego and the obsession to always win. Rather strengthen each other’s weaknesses


  1. Be open with one another. Sometimes to grab hold of something good, you may have to empty your hands.


  1. Listen to each other. Pay attention to other T.E.A.M members. Paths may be similar but destination differs. So, hear yourselves out.


  1. Dissent, argue and debate in the closet but in the public show and have a united front. Respect and take each other seriously. Consider feelings of T.E.A.M and do not just disregard opinions.


  1. Let not pride get in the way. Never be ashamed to apologise


  1. When a T.E.A.M mate is good, better or best, acknowledge it. Also, say so.