Between Pronouncements and Manifestation

Doubting if miracles happen is not the issue but what seems to be the bone of contention here is that hardly would anyone agree that the processes through which we are taken from a point of pronouncement or the starting point of a thought process or project to the time of manifestation or full implementation is in itself not a miracle.

      That in itself is a Miracle

Why? You may want to ask. Attitude and perception play a great role in life and in our journey to great accomplishment. Take for example a man or woman involved in an accident with the car completely wrecked. The first thought could be in lament: ‘where do I get the money for repairs? Just look at how bad the accident is? From where or how do I commence the repairs?’

To another, he or she could simply just say: ‘Wow, I am so blessed to be alive. It could have been my life all smashed up in this smashed vehicle. In the place of death, it was the car that got wrecked. I am alive. Sure, I would get a new car’.

Attitude Makes the Difference

What attitude do you put up when you are on a work-related, self-actualisation, accomplishment or spiritual journey? Are you finding faults, poking holes or criticising the works of others? Are you remaining right where you are because it is comfortable and risk-free or choosing to get out of the situation because courage and making tough choices are required?  I would love to borrow a leaf from the children of Israel. A journey that should have taken only 11 days from Mount Horeb where the word of the Lord was given turned 40 years arising from grumblings, murmurings, complaints and doubt. Imagine that! An entire generation of Israelites walked in circles for 40 years when they were just 11 miles away from the Promised Land.

Father Abraham believed and it was counted unto him as righteousness. He eventually had the child and to imagine he was to sacrifice the same and only child? There is always a ‘process’. We admire precious stones but to have come out as such and fit for sale, they have had to pass through the fire to become admirable. You cannot give what you do not have nor teach what you do not know. Similarly, you cannot impart the knowledge you have not acquired. ‘Process’ is a part of the package.

 Everyone would and should have had it if outstanding success came that easily

To be ‘real’, you have to go through processes – sharpening, cleansing, toughening, equipping, character development and what have you. So, while you go through your process, faint not, do not give up and do not stop believing in the face of disappointments, discouragements or delays. What you become on the way to where you are going is also as important as where you are headed.  The fact that you can not see the process in its entirety does not mean something is not happening. Remember, as a result of our limitations as humans, we often are not able to see the bigger picture. Available to us is information limited to us in its entirety.

Your struggles and difficulties may be uncomfortable but they are sometimes part of the whole process and package.