Before You Throw in the Towel

You cannot change the past. It is the foundation. The time when it seems everything is dying is the best time to start a new life

Think of your goal and do not lose concentration

Try risking a little craziness

Try living a little daringly

Live with a little unconventionality

Do things a little unconventional – the proverbial ‘think outside the box’

See things differently

At some point show no regard for the status quo

It could be nice on some one-off times to go beyond just following the rules

Do things differently

Do not be too quick to accept things the way they are

Find ways to improve upon how they are done

Keep moving

Keep being creative

Look out for a problem to solve

What wrong is there to right?

What can be done differently?

You attempt it; it does not seem to be working

Let go, learn from it, and give yourself time to regroup

Figure things out another way and then try again

Keep doing whatever it would take to succeed

But do not destroy self, soul and spirit in the name of ‘I must succeed. I must have money. I must make it whatever the cost’

Get down on your problems and the things that keep you from growing: The only way you will be able to move forward into your spring is to conquer your winter

At times a jolly good ride is needed.

Ease up on life – come alive

Light your light and let it burn so bright

Stop trying to be another

Be yourself and keep doing what you know how to do best

Constantly living within the walls could be limiting for life is much broad

You can choose to watch life pass by you or choose to do something about it

Take a look all around you and behold the creativity of people like you and me

Refuse to be trapped in the life you love

Refuse to just be there

Keep improving

Keep making your mark

Do not just be ‘OKAY’

What new knowledge can you add?

What gaps can you fill?

What new creations/inventions can you bring to birth?

Freely dream and note some dreams are worth taking great risks for

Nothing goes without a cost

Rather than fill your life’s museum with dead things, you need more living things filling it

As you do, be mindful of the people you come across

When you are careless with other people, you ruin yourself

Talk to Elders. They may not roll with our millennial thoughts, their patience may be shortened but they have the ability to put things into perspectives

Beware of I am just comfortable’

But note, there would come the time to wait

To get people to your table, seat yourself and they will follow

A man’s station is limited only by his or her imaginations

There is potential lurking inside of you

There is a possibility for greatness waiting to be unlocked

Accept you for who you are but refuse to accept that is all you are or can be

Let not your fear consume you

Let not adversities hold you down

Thinking back, what choices would you have made differently

Match your talent with persistence

Let not your insecurities get to you

Too much negativity in the world

Too much people wanting to mess-up the world

But let none get you down

Refuse to be stuck in events of the past

Your happiness is up to you

It is also important to live a little – have fun

Make time to be you

You are human and showing emotions ain’t bad – it’s okay

But critical decisions/actions should not be taken based on emotions

It is okay to sometimes need people’s help.

There is nothing to be ashamed of

If you tried and it failed then try again and again and again

The experiences only make one stronger and smarter

Tests and trials are a way of life

They are part of the sum of what makes a holistic man and personality

So, do you want to be remembered for past failures or the good you begin doing from today?

Be genuine

Act from your heart

People feel it

Explore opportunities and possibilities

One-off time, you may need to just act without.

Don’t think. Take a chance

Spread your wings

Broaden your horizons

Be aware of ‘the enemy of progress’

Importantly note, the best moments of life exists when the timing is right