Are Humans Really Self-Made

From where comes human’s ability, talents, imaginations, reasoning and the power to make wealth?

            Peculiar Life Circumstances

I know how hard I worked to get to this position. I know what sacrifices I made. I was born an orphan. My mother was a struggling single Mum. She had no job. She had to give me up for adoption. My mother died at my birth. My father remarried and I was maltreated by my step-mum. At some point, I ran away from the house. I found myself in a foster home. My Mother never knew my father because she was raped. My mother knows my dad but he abandoned us. He was not ready for fatherhood. My mother was just a fling for my father. He had someone else in mind to settle and have a family with.

    No Help in Sight

The foster care system was a blessing for some but not me. Oh! What abuse, violence and molestation I had to endure. Rejection and constant transfer from one adoptive home to another did no good for my image, personality or self-esteem. I felt unwanted and unloved. There were times I ate from garbage and slept in trailers. I even recall living on the streets through the seasons. Winter was the worst for I would shiver in the cold with no warm clothing nor blankets. I was almost certain I would come down with pneumonia. There was nobody to help me. While some were lucky to be sponsored through school or get a scholarship; I had no one to help me and so got no scholarship.

Look at me today

But I never gave up. So determined was I, that, I worked ‘my butts’. I worked morning, noon and night taking up the oddest of jobs. Look at me today. I own a multi-billion dollar company. I live in a penthouse. I own a fleet of cars and even a private jet. So, don’t you dare tell me I did not make myself. I am most definitely self-made.

And if you tell me ‘God’, where was He in all of this?

MJ, it was said wanted to live for a hundred and fifty years. He appointed twelve doctors at home who would daily examine him from hair to toenails. His food it was said was always tested in the laboratory before he was served. Another 15 people were appointed to look after his daily exercise and work out. His bed had the technology to regulate the oxygen level. Organ donors were kept ready so that whenever needed they could immediately donate their organ. The maintenance of these donors was taken care of by him. He was proceeding with a dream of living for 150 years.

All failed

His dream was aborted on the 25th of June 2009 when he died at the age of 50. His heart stopped functioning. The constant effort of his 12 doctors did not work. The combined efforts of Doctors from two different US States could not save him. MJ who never put a step forward without the doctors’ suggestion for his last twenty-five years, could not fulfil his dream. MJ tried to challenge death but death in return, challenged him. Being rich is no sin. Being rich only in money could be a ‘big issue’. Again, are humans self-made?