The breeze is felt but not seen whence it blows

Its direction is felt and known but not its take-off point nor destination

Similar to the workings of a known friend

A silent worker but His manifestations are seen

So loving and caring but dangerous to grieve Him

His arrival captivating and intriguing but departure unknown except for the emptiness felt at His absence


The gentle friend with manifestations likened to the force of a whirlwind.

Raging storm; Thunderstorms; Earthquake; Rushing wind; Roaring sea;

Fierce and like fiery fire and yet, remarkably gentle whispers.

The power that is unseen behind the manifestation of every word that has ever come forth from ‘The One’ who carries the mega factory of the world in His mouth.

The possibility to every impossibility

A divine personality is He

Forcing no one to neither acknowledge nor accept Him

But lives that have ever encountered Him are the best for it


Works in the heart of the humble but not timid

A friend, comforter, teacher and counsellor

Revealing all truths

Unravelling all puzzles

Simplifying and solving life’s difficult equations

The peace and calm for every troubled soul

The revelation behind the solution and answers to life’s problems

The voice of inspiration


He is unseen but yet very real

A needed friend in every life

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