A Gem of Precious Rarity: My Grandma

Grandma wa owon

Grandma ani’Ba l’owo

So inspiring is your life, that, one of your sons went into the Ministry to honour God in your life.

Mama, you are a Spiritual ‘Amazon’ – voluntarily, willingly and single-handedly, you sponsor missions and promote the gospel. At 99 years old, you still do. You are known to have been faithful, owing no pledge. A Pacesetter grandma who has set the pace and raised the stake so high that other grandmas aspire and wish they can surpass

Children go to school with full bellies because Mama would often come out early in the mornings, watching out for School Children to ask if they have had breakfast

So grandmotherly are you and possessing a heart of gold that you rise early in the morning each day, praying for all who came out of your loins. You even mention our names one after the other – Mama knows all her grand and great-grandchildren by name. There is no biological or clan divide in your motherhood – you are a mother to all. Little wonder God has kept you alive. Why? He has found your life continuously fruitful and serviceable to Him

You inspire us, grandma. Some of us even covet the grace of God upon your life. Your life is a driving force for us to be our very best on God’s earth. Mama, you have aged with style, in grace and elegance – physically and spiritually. A GRANDMA to be deeply proud of.

We join you in great thanksgiving to GOD ALMIGHTY on this day. May He continue to find your life serviceable and fruitful to Him in Jesus name. Amen. The heavens leapt for joy and the earth danced in great thanksgiving the day, “You a Gem”, was born. We love you, GRANDMA.