Mediocrity is a Personal Choice

Often, over and over we read and are told: You can be the best you want to be. You can be the next big thing if you so choose. Why do we still find it difficult to take the big plunge?

Your Dreams are bound to Stretch You
Your dreams and any dreams for that matter are bound to stretch you. In the quest to reach for your dreams, you cannot afford to remain mediocre at the same time. The two actions are simply incompatible. You also cannot settle for average because this brings about the temptation to blame others, circumstances, situations or even the system within which we exist. Mind you those who succeeded have done so within the same system and probably under worse conditions. Why I love Anthena Cage’s ‘Live Your Dreams’:

Here’s the chance of life, get ready, set, fly high.
Above the fear of your mind, go for it.
It’s hit or miss, too late for you to quit.
You gotta show them how bad you really want this, so …

Live your dreams, it’s not as hard as it may seem.
You gotta work to get the cream
on your hopes, you must lean,
From your fears, you have to ween yourself.
It’s all or nothing, give your everything …

Are what you believe, you got to bring the heat.
Set the pace, competition takes the lead.
This is it, all eyes on you.
So stay on point and prove,
that you deserve what’s long overdue.”

Physical Acquisitions is not Living your Dreams
Living your dreams necessarily does not entail all-out physical acquisitions or a particularly-prescribed lifestyle. It is about the freedom to make choices towards your happiness, life’s purpose and fulfilment. It is about bringing about the best in you such that you are eager to wake-up every morning. So, what’s that dream? Whatever it is, go for it. Do not let your fear, timidity, uncertainties and doubts hold you back.

What’s Your Standard of Success?
The world has its standard and definition of success, beauty, prosperity and wealth but what is yours? Don’t you dare think because you do not measure or meet up the world’s standard then you are not prosperous, beautiful, wealthy or successful?

If we can conquer fear, we can accomplish anything. True, but then, another truth is this: Mediocrity is a personal choice. A man, who embraces his mediocre nothingness and would not coward in the face of danger, shines greater than any.